Friday 15 January 2016

The Fractal quilt

Hands down this is currently my favourite quilt.

Until at least I make another one.

It's definitely because I chose to see the pattern as a bit of scrap buster.

My usual plan of attack for scraps is totally random but this time I decided to see if I could get a bit of rainbow theme going on.

The low volume text fabrics were also scraps. The only yardage harmed was the grey text and for that I used a full yard.

With a few scraps left over for the next scrappy quilt.

Of course.

The Fractal quilt pattern is the last stop on the Fat Quarter Shop's Top 10 Videos of 2015 blog meanderings.

Initially, I did refer to the video which you can find here
You can also download the free pattern from the Fat Quarter Shop here
Plus, you'll also need the kite ruler to cut the shapes and that can be purchased from here

The video was helpful but once I got the gist of it, I kind of deviated a bit from the instructions. As all the pieces are being sewn on the bias, theoretically, it could get a little wavy when sewing and the video recommends you starch each piece. So I didn't. What I did do, was use my walking foot to piece so you've got dual feed stitching, which I found really helpful in not getting any stretch.

Then really, you should pin,where you are sewing up to the centre dot (watch the video and then you'll know what I mean) but after a few blocks I stopped doing that. Reason being, I could feel with my nail where the join of two pieces of fabric met and I sewed maybe one stitch BEFORE the final dot and then secured off.

I know if you were pinning you would sew right up to and including the dot but that slowed the process down too much for me. By stopping one space before the dot, I knew for sure I hadn't inadvertently sewn into any of the other pieces and the Y seam behaved itself.

I also knew I was going to really quilt the top densely, so everything was always going to stay where it was meant to and we weren't gong to suffer a quilt disaster because I missed one teeny tiny stitch out in the centres of the Y seams.

On the back I used up two of the leftover hexagons and pieced it into Egyptian cotton off-cuts which are the most brilliant white and buttery soft. The off-cut bundles are very good value (at least they are if you're based outside the US and have no access to reasonably priced fabric) and can be purchased here

And then I heavily quilted the whole thing using clear monofilament thread on the front and white cotton on the back.
I really like the effect monofilament thread gives; great texture without the eye being drawn to the stitches.

I am so hugely in love with this quilt.

Oh and I should mention I made the quilt slightly larger than the one demonstrated in the video because I wanted to get the same balance of the grey kite shapes above and below the rainbow colours.

I actually contemplated selling this quilt because just how many quilts can someone have?
On reflection with this quilt, does it even matter.

If you'd like to see what other quilters have done with the Fractal quilt please have a look at the following:

I also need to tell you that if you make any of the Top 10 2015 Videos from Fat Quarter Shop and are on Instagram, you can use the hashtags  #fractalquilt and #FQSTop10 for a chance to win a Fat Quarter Shop $100 Gift Card. You have until 1 February.

A rainbow quilt with a rainbow.


  1. Wow I love it. Really awesome colour pops

  2. This is a great quilt and includes all my favourite things - triangles, rainbows, scraps! Well done.

  3. This quilt is wonderful! I like your scrappy version better than the one from the tutorial. The rainbow colors really stand out lovely from the scrappy background.

  4. Wow, it's absolutely fabulous!!!

  5. Well this is rather lovely. I would love to have a rummage through your scrap bins, if they can create something like this!!

  6. Smashing quilt - and I would be keeping it, definitely were it mine! It really is a beauty .

  7. You have absolutely the *best* scrap collection – especially all those amazing neutrals. I can quite see why you don't want to part with it; I'd be stroking it and gloating for the next six months! Such a beautiful job, and I continue to be awed by your colour sense.

  8. Stunning! I'm not a big scrappy fan, but this quilt looks amazing!

  9. I love that it's controlled scraps. The grey backgrounds are the perfect choice. I just love grey! Looks like you gave it amazing texture too with the quilting. Just lovely all around

  10. Love it. I try to avoid pinning/marking if at all possible too.
    I unfortunately, came to the same realization this week. I may, just maybe, have a few too many quilts. The problem is that I love all of them and that the ones that I am "over" are too worn to be gifted/sold. Sigh... Not that that will stop me from making more. :)

  11. Gorgeous! I love that you used scraps in it -- very cool!

  12. It's stunning! Did you make a quilt a couple of years ago with the same shape, albeit smaller? I think it was one of your 'throw everything in it' scrap specials which always turn out to be completely stunning.

  13. It's beautiful, as are the photos.

  14. Really likethe last photo- the lights shows the colours beautifully!

  15. Adorable! Really love it. Thanks for the link to for patterns too. They have tons of free, great patterns!

  16. You have know idea how happy I am to have found your amazing blog. I have been just eating up your gorgeous quilts. They are so bright and cheerful and so much fun. Since I do not see a place to follow you, I am going to add your blog to my side bar. I never want to miss a single quilt. You are a true inspiration.
    Please do come visit. I'm new at quilting, but loving the process and finding that I learn something new with each one I make.
    Have a lovely day and happy to meet you. Oh, that photo with the rainbow is super!
    Your new blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  17. I agree, it's a smashing hit! I love the colors and the restful places with low volume and the black.It's just perfect. If you ever get bored with it - I'd be happy to give her a good home. Yes, I know you won't ever get bored - I'm a realist. Enjoy her every day!!!

  18. Rainbows and rainbows! How wonderful! I can see how vibrant the colours are in the last sunny shot too. I love the balance of bright and muted.
    How many quilts can someone have? No, it really doesn't matter. If you love it, keep it.
    Like you, I have been piecing Y-seams on the machine and have found it better to stop one stitch before than one stitch too late. Keep sewing into the seam allowance and the sucker puckers. Stop a stitch too soon and ... nothing. No problem!

  19. scrappy makes me happy and your quilts and blog make me very happy.

  20. Another fabulous finish. You are the most intrepid quilter, never afraid to try anything. And the rainbow, you know not everyone can do that. 😂

  21. I love your pieced "kites"; this is a neat way of using small scraps, and getting a clear design at the end. Great result.

  22. Simply gorgeous 〰➰💟➰〰


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