Friday 26 August 2011

Easily (mis)lead astray

When I saw this on Flickr I had a wobble moment. I wobbled even more when a link had been given.

I clicked on it.

I'm embarrassed to say I thought it was all in Chinese.

It's in Japanese.

Julianna was far more brave than me and said she just filled out the form not knowing what was supposed to go where.

I wasn't so brave and emailed instead.

And today, this arrived on my doorstep.

Is it OK to be in love with fabric?
You can click on this one to make larger and then wallow in the loveliness
Because I think I might be.

And then there was this little extra enclosed.
I have no idea what it says.

Welcome none-the-less.

Curious about the cost?
Wondering if it is worth ordering?

I think you have to look on it as an equivalent 'worth.'
What is it worth to you?

To me it's the equivalent of two facials.
I happen to think that is worth it!


  1. Wow, what gorgeous fabric! I have no idea how much a facial costs but I'd say it was worth it!

  2. Oh My, I love that fabric. How cute it ALL is.

  3. Oh my goodness! I've just fallen in love with your fabric!
    Must not click the links....must not click the links...

  4. Ohhhh....ohhhhhh!! You are tempting me out of my "no buy" policy. These are truly love-worthy. What's the plan with them?

  5. These are gorgeous. And just what I've been looking for. Since about, hmmmm, a minute ago. I need them in my life!

  6. These are fabulous. I have been buying fabric in the last few weeks like there is a about to be a shortage so I must not be tempted by more. It's all these places having 20% off sales!

  7. hmmm I'm wondering what your facials costs now, I want to know!!
    Your new stash is fab!

  8. It looks fun, I look forward to seeing what you make out of it!

  9. Fun, fun, fabrics! So unique. Do you have any plans for them?

  10. These are lovely and I think your way of working out what they're worth to you is perfect. Do you have something in mind for them? (PS I found the envelopes with bee returns that I had given husband to post on tuesday in his bag today. We "discussed" the matter and I will be posting after bank holiday!)


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