Saturday 3 March 2012

On a roll....

...or a curve depending upon which way you look at it.

I saw this.

I'm not even going to pretend I was heavily influenced by it.

I wanted to try and copy it.

So I have.

There was a bit of this:

And some of this when I wanted to fussy cut some of the shapes

And then there was quite a bit of this

Which has got me to this

Which will look a whole lot better when my camera is charged and I don't have to take photos on my phone.

Meanwhile I am now distracted by this

I've taken the one remaining jelly roll in my possession which is just a Kona solids one and am slowly working my way through the rainbow of colours, cutting them up into 2 1/2 inch squares and pairing them with an black and white print.

There is no doubt I will be a while.

What do you think?


  1. Love the curvies, like a souk or bazaar full of pots!
    Talking to the cows again? Probably get more sense out of them (had to say it first)xxx

  2. Nice curves!
    Easy to sew? Due to the template or the Curves Class?
    What's her (the cow's) name btw?
    I love those big, wet noses!

  3. Sorry, I forgot to say something about the quilt made of hst in solids and heath (?): I already love it, drooling all over it!
    I was distracted by that cow's nose: soft, wet and smelling o so nice
    Ahh! Again! stupid cow!

  4. Love the curves and the fabric you have used.

  5. Such as cypress trees on top of ...
    Super...I love it...

  6. Love those curves. They remind me of wine glasses! Such fab fabric choices too!

    Thanks also for my prize. I definitely won't be hoarding. I just need to figure out what I want to make most out of the three ideas I have :-)

  7. Holy crap.

    Don't you have a job?? Do you ever sleep?? You kinda make me feel bad about myself! ;)

    Both amazing. I want the triangle one. Will likely be copying YOU! And, dammit, I just went to Jenny's site and bought the ruler! Temptress!

  8. Oh what a cute Guernsey cow! Love those curves - you are really tempting me now! Jxo

  9. Fantastic job! Perfect! Love the fabrics you used! ...funny, at Sew Expo the last few days, I would say 9 out of 10 people referred to the Urban Birthday quilt as Wine Glasses? Too bad I don't drink wine ;o) Those triangles are great too!! And the cow...well that's just funny!

  10. I LOVE all of these. Great color choices..wonder if I "need" this ruler. I too want to copy it all. Does the cow live with you......

  11. Quilt is lovely. It reminds me of sweets wrapped in lovely coloured wrappers, is that just me? Looking forward to seeing your next project!

  12. I really like !!
    I love the cow too.
    We used to live amongst thousands of them on a farm my DH worked at.
    I do miss their beautiful faces.

    ARRIVE! This is simply gorgeous and like Hadley`s analogy of pots. Just beautiful.

  14. Love the curves - they look like maracas to me :)

  15. I think I need to order me one of those rulers. Fabulous job!

  16. Love the curves! Like Kelly I thought of maracas but Hadley's pots are a much better image! Or maybe sweetie dispensers?! Love your HST rainbow strips - can't wait to see what you do with them. Cute cow!

  17. Oh yes, loving the curves. Nice modern fabric for an OAP like yourself :-P

  18. Your quilts are wonderful, I love the fabric choices for the curvy one. I have ordered that ruler, it looks like too much fun.


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