Friday 30 March 2012

Trying out trapunto

When Geta very kindly sent me a copy of her new book I spent a couple of evenings flicking through it thinking it was waaaay beyond my 'make it up as you go along' capabilities.

But then I decided to have a go because I've never tried trapunto before.

To try Geta's technique, I would say there are really only two things you need to check you have before starting - namely water soluble thread and organza - the rest of the requirements are common to all quilters.

I was definitely starting small with this one so decided to do my version of her Edelweiss pattern

My version involved a few alterations

  • No small circles in the middle - too lazy and too inaccurate to cut those out neatly
  • I didn't leave the organza over the whole quilt top as Geta does. I cut out sections of it from the top to add interest
  • To stop the organza from fraying (because of the point above) I used a close blanket stitch all around the edges...
  • ....except in the middle of the flower where I used a decorative stitch just because
Not the world's best phone photo for sharpness but hopefully you get the gist - this is the back
 And here is the result, turned into a cushion/pillow cover.

And, more importantly, I threw caution to the wind and i.n.s.e.r.t.e.d a ZIP.

Clearly room for improvement there but cunningly positioned at the bottom of the cover so you can't see it.

Helped along by this video

I will admit to pausing it several (OK, loads of) times and rewinding it as well but it is about the clearest, easiest to understand video I've found for inserting a zip.

But it worked and it will do for me.

The back.

And the front again.

A really interesting technique that I shall be trying again.

Linking up to Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday

And while I am on the subject of cushion covers...this is the lovely one I received in PTS7 from MichelleSews.

Thank you very much Michelle - gorgeous.


  1. The Trapunto looks really great on the modern pillow!
    I love the look of Trapunto, but, like you, I'm too chicken! Plus, I'm really really bad at following directions and patterns. :)

  2. It is gorgeous! Thanks or the video link, I am still avoiding putting zippers in ;)

  3. it looks wonderful xx well done for having a go

  4. Out of your comfort zone, and you tred it anyway with a great result!
    What's the book called (again)?

  5. Your pillow is beautiful, clearly you are a natural and I love the fabrics you chose. I also think you received a great pillow too.

  6. It looks wonderful - well done on conquering two new techniques!!
    P.S. Love your fabric choices!

  7. This pillow is beautiful! Such a lovely technique and the fabrics behind it really make it pop. I'm inspired!

  8. Cushion looks great. I got to try Trapunto at a quilting class I did but couldn't visualise it in an actual project until now. I may try a cushion with a zip sometime!

  9. Wonderful job there! You are very adventurous conquering all these techniques! I like to hide my zips with a carefully placed flap though it doesn't work so well at the edge!

  10. Very clever - but I'm sure you knew that anyway!

  11. Trapunto and zips all in one project! I am impressed. Gorgeous cushions - made and received.

  12. The trapunto looks awesome!

  13. Love your pillows, both the one you made and the one you received.

  14. Such a pretty pillow you made. I admit to complete ignorance when it comes to trapunto. Might be something I have to check out.

  15. What a lovely cushion. The trapunto looks great on the background fabric. Thanks too for the zipper video - very useful.

  16. Hot dog!!! I'm going to make a zippered pillow this weekend. Never knew it was that easy! I love yours, and I'm so grateful you posted that super video. Thanks Allison!


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