Tuesday 20 May 2014

Soy Amado No. 23

A liquorice all-sorts kind of a quilt is No. 23

For me it works because they all have similar tones and hues, no matter that the block styles are so vastly different.

Anyone want to lay claim to some of the blocks?

Some more thank yous are in order.

Thank you :-)


  1. like this one x the numbers are really mounting up x.. nice to think that the kids will have something of their own .. and be warm x WELL DONE x

  2. Up to 23 already- well done!!

  3. Twenty-three? Blimey, you're steaming ahead!

  4. Lovely rich colours in no. 23! I so look forward to seeing the next additions `:)

  5. Six of mine in here. I love the way you put disparate blocks together! And I love the backs of these quilts too!
    23 is very impressive!! Thank YOU, Alison!

  6. I mean your having already created 23 quilts is impressive! Realize that wasn't clear.... :)

  7. Dear Allison, I just stumbled upon your blog and was able to admire your work and read about the Soy Amado project. I' very much want to prepare some blocks for you, what kind of batting do I have to use? II usually use cotton and not very thick -- is that Ok?

  8. This is such an unusual quilt. A collection of very different styles of blocks and colours and yet it all comes together ( in your hands) into a beautiful quilt. Quite sophisticated so perhaps for an older child or teenager? Well done.


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