Wednesday 28 May 2014

Soy Amado No. 27

I think I chose the blocks for No. 27 on the basis they were quite neutral and nothing really jarred with anything.

if I'm honest, I don't spend a huge time sorting them into possible quilts so nothing is too over thought.

And I do use every single block that has been sent to me.

There are four though that are most definitely 12" so they have been put to one side and will eventually be incorporated into a 12" block quilt.

And thank you for the secret sewing in this one.

And what lies behind.

And so we continue.


  1. I think you get great combinations given that the blocks arriving with you are all so random.

  2. Yes, this is one is more subdued an chilled. I love the lilac(?) on the back of the one of the blocks and the secret sewing - genius!

  3. I know there are at least a couple of blocks that I'm sending that are not going to be quite up to size. They were gifted to me as completed blocks and after I quilted them, they shrank a bit. But they are too beautiful not to use and I had already seen you post that sometimes the blocks weren't quite the size they needed to be. I have dragged my feet forever while the stack of blocks sits on my coffee table in the living room making snide remarks about procrastinators every time I walk by.

    You are doing such a beautiful job with all the quilts. I don't know how you find the time to do it!!

  4. Each quilt speaks of love and some are more verbal than others and I love seeing each collaboration. You are doing such great work! Bless you! I especially love the mug block because of the "folded" fabric bottom - I've been working on a 'Princess and the Pea' charity piece and that gave me the info that I've been looking for! Thank you for your gigantic heart!

  5. Such wonderful quilts. How many beds are there? I imagine they are thrilled to get these : )

  6. Would it be ok to send you a few more 12" quilted blocks? We sometimes get blocks to Bee Blessed that are smaller than the required 12.5" and we could quilt them up and send them to you. Jxo

  7. Another beauty! Each block is so pretty and you have a great eye for putting them all together.

  8. I'm afraid some of my blocks are going to end up in the 12" pile - they do measure 12.5" but the quilting brought the block in a bit and the seam allowance between the edge of the pieced 'top' and the edge is a bit scant. You'll see what I mean when you get them. I should have made blocks with borders on them so I could have made them 13" and then trimmed them back.

  9. I fear my blocks may be waiting in the 12" pile too. At least i know they have friends!


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