Saturday 31 May 2014

Soy Amado No.30

With a combination of these QAYG quilts and the whole ones that people have sent in, I'm sure we're more than half-way to my goal.

The next delivery is in a couple of weeks so I should find out.

Let's start with the back of No.30 for a change.

We snuck out early in the morning so no one would see us holding up quilts in random places.

It's a small island.

People talk.

But it's never quite early enough and we shared the view with  dog-walkers and joggers.

Now a lot of these blocks were provided by Joanne (her of the Mexican donkey block from No.10 and countless other blocks).

She very kindly sewed two rows together (2nd and 3rd up from the bottom) and provided some additional blocks - most of which I decided to put in a different quilt.

Then some fabulous star blocks arrived from Maryse (she supplied everything for beautiful No.9) so I added those in, plus a few other blocks I felt went with it, including this awesome flying geese one from Kelly 

It's turned out to be another favourite of mine.


  1. Wow, you are turning these out so fast your Blog-following public can't keep up. Another lovely bright quilt. Love the quirky donkey square on the back! Well done to Joanne for sending in two completed rows, what a great help to you.

  2. That flying geese block is incredible! You are doing a wonderful job of mixing very complementary colored blocks together.:)

  3. Yes, this is one of my favourites, too!

    P.S. Yes, I'm catching up on blog reading - no need to reply to all the comments I've left!

  4. They are all gorgeous! I can't believe you are at #30...I must say I enjoy looking at all the different blocks people have sent you over the last few months, it's almost like a "Quilt Block Encyclopedia". So many ideas...
    And, I really like the "Awesome Flying Geese" from Kelly.:) You are doing a fabulous job!
    I hope my blocks weren't too sticky...It was the first time I used basting spray...Works great by the way.:)

  5. You need a disguise for your clandestine, early morning quilt photography sessions ;) Love the blocks that you have added to mine, especially Kelly's flyers - damn, she's too good! xx

    1. Great job making so many and such lovely blocks Jo!
      And wow, Alison. No. THIRTY already is awesome!!

  6. yo ever sleep?! These are incredible! I'm new to blogging, but old to quilting. Initially I was drawn to your site because of island living. But I keep coming back because of your QAYG project for the kids. You are inspiring me to do something similar in my area (USA) for a cause. All your contributors are wonderful. Then again, I've never met a quilter that wasn't!!!!!

  7. Very rich colours, love the flying geese block too.I was wondering how many quilts you were aiming for, so about 60?

  8. This is such a pretty quilt. Each Soy Amado quilt you've made has been a beauty. I love the backs of these quilts too.

  9. It never is early enough is it? 30 is just ridiculously amazing.

  10. I think this is a favorite of mine too, the back is great as well. And I can't believe how fast you are making these!

  11. All the quilts are lovely, but this one is stunning.

  12. i am SO enjoying these soy amado quilts..... they are lovely, every one of them.
    quilt as you go is on my to do list, it seems like an amazing way to create a big quilt in small stages..
    love your blog....

  13. You are doing an amazing job of churning these out!! Love it and am happy to have played a tiny part x

  14. Two of my blocks here... the chickens and the orange bordered Hawaiian print. It really is fun to identify my blocks in among the others and to see how you make them all work together! Thank you, Alison!


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