Tuesday, 31 January 2012

In awe

She was looking for pattern testers and someone to proof read her English.

I offered.

She wanted to send me something.

I said I didn't want anything. Was just happy to help a talented quilter.

She asked again.

So I said some used stamps from her part of the world because my mum collects them and knew she wouldn't have any from this corner.

The stamps arrived today.

And so did this.

It is called shadow trapunto and she has written a book about it.

I am in total awe.

There is workmanship and then there is workmanship.

This is most definitely workmanship.

You can see more breathtaking examples of workmanship on her blog.


  1. That is Beautiful! A very thoughtful pay check.

    I am intrigued by your new banner. I love that you use a photo, are they all from your Island? What is the story behind this one?

  2. I am glad the little quilt found a loving home!
    Thank you, Alison!

  3. I am in awe of Geta - I have followed her bog for quite a while now & am always excited to see her posts!
    But you must tell us about today's island photo. It's pretty awesome, too & goes well with Geta's quilt!

  4. That is beautiful indeed! What a lovely gift :)

  5. She certainly does beautiful work! I have added trapunto to my list of things I must try because of reading her blog.

  6. This is so gorgeous! I have never seen anything so perfect!

  7. Fabulous!!! And I love the banner photo today! (They're always wonderful though!)


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