Wednesday 18 January 2012

A Work In Progress Wednesday What Went Weally Well

(Sorry....I just liked all those Ws popping up)

Not the best of photos I appreciate, taken on the hoof with my ipad but you get the gist hopefully. Totally inspired by this and previously this, both of which I could just dribble over for most of the day.

Borne from the result of finally tidying out my scrap bins into colour groups and suddenly being able to see all the new quilt possibilities in front of me.  The grey/neutral and the greens scrap bags looked like the makings of a quilt.

The only non-scrap bits are the tiny centres of each courthouse steps block which are a Suzuko Koseki fabric (31st one down if you are interested).

I think I am going to quilt this one with perle cotton.

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  1. Love those greens and greys together - so soothing! Jxo

  2. perle cotton sounds perfect for this!! Looks great :-)

  3. another stunner! I love the colours and it will look so nice will the Perle.

  4. I like how every block is different and they still look so similar ... you can keep looking and find more and more differences and similarities.

  5. oh this is looking quite the thing! Love it!

  6. or....weally wong....


  7. I love it Alison! And I like your ideas about quilting it! Will be a stunning quilt when completed! May have to sort out my own scraps if this is what can come of it!

  8. I love the (old) pattern and I love the subtlety of the colours.
    This is going to be REALLY NICE, esp after quilting.
    Can't wait to see this finished!!


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