Sunday 8 June 2014

Bags of pouches

I've been meaning to blog about something/anything other than Soy Amado for a while now and have finally got around to it.

First off, if you want to reacquaint yourself with what I made, pre my obsessive project, then please go here where I got to talk about My Favourite Quilt at Sew Mama Sew.

I always find it funny how others see you.  I think I just sew quilts. Jessica has described me as a 'color artist.'


Who knew!

Anyway, I wanted to talk bags or pouches or whatever they're called.
I'm kind of at the stage now where I think I know how to make a simple pouch without a pattern.

However, when the Sew Together Bag  first starting appearing on the internet I thought it was the combination of such a clever and roomy bag coupled with the fact I wouldn't have had a clue how to construct one without buying the pattern that made me want to buy the pattern.

So I did.

No. 1

Making the first one felt like a baptism of fire and as others have mentioned, the instructions are a little light on photos. As I'm a visual learning person this wasn't ideal.

However, Quilt Barn has an excellent step-by-step picture process of how to construct the bag and without it, I would have struggled.

Once I'd finished No. 1 I completely 'got' the bag construction and I just used the pdf pattern instructions to make my next one.

No. 2

If you're thinking of making one it is extremely roomy.

No. 3
And the multitude of zippers, pockets and linings really gives you a chance to go wild with your fabric choices and stamp your own personality to each bag.

Each to his own but as I made each bag I realised I still do love the seamless finish of hand binding so by the time I got to No. 4 that is what I did.

No. 4
It does have a few hairy moments sewing through a lot of bulk and there was a sewing machine needle casualty but overall, it's a great bag to make.

I've also made some of Lee's Dotty Pouches which is a free tutorial on her blog.  When I first saw these I think it was a combination of being enamoured with the contrast piping and the lovely fabric that made me add it to my list of things to make.

I ordered my Mochi linen/cotton mix fabric that Lee used, from the Fabric Shack, purely because they are currently the 'cheapest' (unless anyone knows different?) US online fabric retailer when it comes to shipping to Europe - $18 for approx nine yards. They don't (imo) have the funkiest of fabric selections but there are some gems and they have a massive Kona solids section ($5.49 a yard) so you can always stock up on those.

They also stock a great selection of Modern Solids which have two different shades on the weft and the warp giving a slight 'glow' to each colour. I know that sounds like a sales pitch - it's not meant to be and I gain no benefit from mentioning Fabric Shack.

I personally think it is the Mochi fabric that really makes these pouches.

Really fabulous, bright colours and a 70/30% mix of cotton and linen which gives a nice handle.

Oh I do love a good bag/pouch.


  1. Haha! Seriously, your color combinations always come to mind! I can't be alone ;) Also, I sent that post to SMS a week ago and I can't believe the number of quilts for Soy Amado is already outdated!!
    Cute pouches - I especially love the Mochi linens!

  2. I love the feature, it is so nice to see that fantastic quilt again. Any you have made lovely bags too.

  3. Lovely to see the bags - I have to say that when you do something you really do it!!! 8 pouches / bags and heaps of Soy Amando. You are certainly more focussed than I am

  4. Great bags! I especially love the Sew Together pouches - they look so handy. Can you please give us an idea of how much they hold and how "thick" it is when filled with goodies? It looks like a great thing to have to slip inside a large tote bag. How many hours do you think it would take to construct my first one? I, too, am a visual learner. Thanks!

  5. Go you!!!
    Love them - have been a little scared of the Sew Together, but one day, eh.
    Never thought I would say 'I love your number 2'!!!

  6. Wow, I love your scrappy paper pieced masterpiece! I have no patience for paper quilting something huge. Maybe some day. I'm still learning how to do it properly so the fabric ends up where it needs to be!

  7. What a wonderful collection of pouches! Great colours - as always! As a quilter who is still unsure of sewing machines, I am in awe of all those zips but the finished pouches are great. Love the spotty ones too. I agree, Fabric Shack is good for postage rates and Kona cottons.

  8. So glad you allowed yourself some playtime! We wouldn't want you burnt out : ) Every one is gorgeous

  9. I have had limited experience of sewing bags/pouches and this one looks a bit hard for me! Good to read about your favourite quilt, it's a nice series. Thanks for posting about the Modern Solids. I have been keeping an eye out for them :)

    1. Exactly what I'm thinking Jo. That looks like a complicated bag... but very practical.

  10. That's a lot of pouches!! I love a good quick pouch in the midst of bigger quilt projects for a quick finish. Love Sew together #4 the best, great fabric choices.

  11. They are all so lovely! I would love to make a sew together bag but I have to admit I'm a bit scared!!
    The dots are gorgeous too! xx

  12. Darling! Love the reality check on broken needle and the difficult layers --- best to know ahead of time so I won't have a hissy fit when I do the same thing! Ha!

    Oh and I loved your Arrowhead Crossing quilt I saw on SewMamaSew's blog post for My Favorite Quilts. Wowzers! Can't find the pattern anywhere. Nuts.

  13. Great job! I love that Sew Together bag and have made a bunch myself - you feel so accomplished when you get one done!

  14. Love!! Your sew together bags look great!!!! And I love the dotty pouches;) Don't want to get over enthusiastic on you...

  15. How fun! I am super, super behind on blog reading so I think I have several Soy Amado posts to read :) I really like Fabric Shack too since they only carte $2.50 for shipping here :)

  16. Oh My! So many very complicated pouches! You're amazing!

  17. I love love your obsessions. The bags are great and the view so joyful

  18. What a lovely collection of pouches! Off to read all about you at SMS...


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