Sunday 29 June 2014

Soy Amado No. 45

Another low volume(ish) quilt.

With quite possibly a favourite back of mine.

And can I draw your attention to this block in particular.

I've seen this technique before where you draw on the fabric with coloured crayons and then set them with heat.

And I should also have drawn your attention to the block bottom left which has Soy Amado so beautifully embroidered into it but I forgot.

But possibly you can just make out the heart it is in, in this pic.

Another sunny day.


  1. Looks beautiful on Guernsey today and a lovely quilt :)

  2. Beautiful! Such an amazing thing that you are doing :) xx

  3. A beautiful low volume quilt. So are they just normal crayons that you can use, then heat set them? They would look gorgeous with some hand quilting over them there's a thought...

  4. How pretty! A beautiful combination of blocks.

  5. I love seeing each of these as you finish them. Thank you for sharing.

  6. The crayon block is beautiful. I'm happy to see 6 of my blocks in this quilt. It's a good feeling to have helped out, even a little.

  7. I blinked an almost missed another quilt! This is a really pretty one.

  8. You live at such a beautiful place on earth! Love this quilt. Much.


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