Monday 9 January 2012

First and last bee quilt

First- Fresh Modern Bee II was the first bee quilt I joined on Flickr.
Last - this is the last bee quilt I have put together from the three bees that I was in.
My starting point was this fabric from Anna Marie Horner's Loulouthi line which I just thought was the happiest and fun fabric I had seen all year.


 So I asked my fellow bee members to make me something that made them happy too.

Because there were no guidelines on block type or style, I knew the only way it was all going to hang together, was for everyone to make sure they incorporated some of the above fabric in whatever they made.

When the blocks came back I decided that this block from Lil just had to be the feature block on the middle.

The precision and detail is incredible. It is all hand turn applique as well.

And this block in particular from Jess with the tiny and precise squares and triangles had  me ooing and aaahing.

And this lovely paper-pieced pot from Leila. And really, every block was different and lovely.

So I tried to find a pleasing balance with all the blocks and really just added more of the Loulouthi fabric in between to balance things up.

I quilted it with a grid pattern (with the exception of the centre flower pot block which I fmq meandered around the open space) using a mono-filament thread in the top and a grey cotton in the bobbin.
For the back I took the one remaining block and raw edge appliqued in between the Loulouthi and another piece of fabric.

Sincere thanks to the ladies of the Fresh Modern Bee II who helped in the making of this quilt (in no particular order):

And bee mama Lynne

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  1. Wow! Great blocks. I think you did a great job balancing them all.

    How did you like using the mono filament thread? I bought a spool years ago when I was getting ready to quilt my first quilt. I didn't trust my quilting and didn't want the thread to show up. Besides, that's what they use on store bought comforters, so it must be professional, right? ;) But then I got scared to use it...who puts plastic thread in their sewing machine?...and used "real" thread instead. did it work? Do you like the look? Did it quilt up any differently?

  2. The fabric makes all these blocks work so well together. You have a fabulous quilt there!

  3. Stunning! What a lovely memory to treasure! Jxo

  4. Wow! Very bright and spring-like!

  5. You`ve managed to pull all the different blocks together! Great job.

  6. Stunning! I think I love the back block the best though :)

  7. very lovely! these kind of quilts can be such fun to put together. very challenging, but extremely rewarding at the same time.:)

  8. All good things must come to an end! You did a great job bringing all the blocks together :)

  9. Love it. They all look great together with that fabric in between. I think you are first to finish too? Funny I have just finished piecing the backing for mine before I read this! I love the binding too, it brings it all together beautifully.

  10. All the blocks look great and I love the way you pulled them together to make a fantastic quilt!!

  11. Yeah! A quilt actually got made from this bee!!! Took me a minute to remember which block was mine ... this was when I didn't have working camera. GREAT JOB!

  12. It's so neat how different everyone's blocks are!

  13. Great quilt! You really managed to tie them all together beautifully :)

  14. Crazy lovely quilt - just perfect for you then xxx

  15. It's wonderful and so nice that you have made all your bee blocks into quilts.


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