Wednesday 4 June 2014

Soy Amado No. 32

We've gone green for No. 32

As green as we can, with pops of orange and yellow which is why I started putting these particular quilt blocks in another 'possible quilt' pile.

When my husband took his marriage vows there was nothing in there about standing in the middle of a street holding a green quilt.

To be fair there wasn't anything about it in my vows either.

Yet I stood in the middle of the street holding a green quilt.

He took the picture.

He thinks I am obsessed with quilting.

He may have a point.

And I love the sheep block and that someone (the first) did a Soy AmadA block for one of the girls in the home.

Then there is Middle Management who generally won't be seen in public any more holding a quilt...unless the coast is completely clear.

Luckily, Junior Management things it is completely normal to be asked to hold up a quilt so mum can take a picture.

Look at that, an extra block on the back.

I fear my supply of quilt holder uppers is slowly dwindling.


  1. Loving this one too! I love the citrus colors together. Very cheerful!
    I'm off to bed here in the western U.S. When I wake up it will be our 31st wedding anniversary. It's amazing how quickly the years have flown...

  2. Very funny! I never have anyone to hold up my quilts so I have to hang them up on the shed because my husband put the washing line on a slope in the garden (so it was away from view), which when put up is too tall for me to reach! Consequently, it doesn't see any use at all and it took him three hours to bash the thing into the ground that the pole sits in hahaha! Loving the green quilt, it matches the laces in your trainers. PS) I think he has a point. PPS) My husband thinks I am obsessed with quilting too. Maybe he has a point... x

  3. Another fabulous quilt.
    Please could I have your address so I can send some blocks.

  4. I love how you take a color family to put these quilts together. The sheep block is so sweet and so are those dinosaurs. All lovely blocks. What a pretty brick road, it's a great location to take a quilt photo.

  5. Great block choice for this quilt. Such pretty colors!

  6. What a funny blog about upholding quilts. You go so fast making these gorgeous quilts, that your familymembers have to hold up a quilt more then once a week I guess. Perhaps they can read in the commands how much we, as readers of your blog, do appriciate all their suffering for holding those quilts. You have such beautifull pictures again, and again! Please go on with it! Maybe an extra icecream after holding up for those poor guys??? ;)

  7. So fun to see the last 6 of my 20 blocks I sent you in this bright and colorful fun quilt! Glad you were able to use the "Soy Amada" block too! I just wanted to mention that this block can be easily changed to a "Soy Amado" block. The last 2 stitches of the last "a" are separate and can be removed if needed to make it the letter "o". Love it as is though!! :)

  8. Ah.... kids these days.:) The holder uppers did pretty well for the first while though! Love to see the new finishes against your lovley island backdrop.

  9. You live in such an amazing place. I'll come hold quilts for you anytime!

  10. I have the same problem! And I find going to public spaces to photograph quilts can be a little awkward and off putting...especially when you are battling against the wind and such and there's people watching! Fab quilt though...have you got a factory of people working through the night to turn these out, how do you do it????!!!

  11. You can't get the staff these days. The quilt is lovely and I'm happy to see your footwear tones in nicely. I love the setting - is this near where you live?


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